These options are found by clicking on Appearance, then WP-Drudge options, then the Images tab.

  1. Featured image location: This determines the placement of images added to the featured link
  2. Featured image/video size: Enter the width, in pixels, for the featured image or video
  3. Posted link image/video location: This determines the placement of any images or videos you add to links
  4. Posted image/video size: Enter the width in pixels, for the Posted Link images and videos. Images larger than the post column will be automatically resized to fit. To resize videos automatically, see this instructional post.
  5. Display posted image on page :Should the posted link image be automatically displayed on the single post page? This will appear if you have the comment link turned on or the interrupt page activated
  6. Posted image size on page: Enter the width in pixels, for the posted image links displayed on the post page
  7. Static link image size: Static links can have images added to them as well. These are typically small icons and are not required

Settings Page - Images

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