These options are found by clicking on Appearance, then WP-Drudge options, then the Header tab.

  1. Show tagline – Selecting “yes” here places your blog tagline beneath the logo or page name at the top of the page. This text can be changed at Settings > General > “Tagline” field. On the homepage, this is your heading 1 element (on other pages, it’s a paragraph) for those concerned with SEO.
  2. Featured box location – Where should the featured items be displayed? They can appear above the logo (“above”), in between the logo and the header menus (“middle”), or below everything in the header (“below”).
  3. Number of featured items to show [added in v2.3]: How many featured items should be displayed at one time? These are displayed in chronological order, newest above oldest. This controls the number everywhere that featured items are shown.
  4. Show featured posts on category & tag pages – Determines how the featured post will be displayed on category and tagged pages
  5. Show featured posts on date archive pages – Check this box to display the featured posts on date archive pages
  6. Show featured posts on the WP-Drudge page template – Check this box to display the featured posts on the WP-Drudge page templates (does not affect the home page)
  7. Category listing – Should the categories be listed in the header? This creates a navigation of sorts linking to all categories with posts listed within them.
  8. Top link listing [added in v2.3]: To show a list of links on the top-left of the site, select a category from this listing. The drop-down includes both Static and Posted Link categories. The section at the top will show all links in this category so make sure you’re using a category special for this purpose.
  9. Top link limit [added in v2.4]How many top links should be shown? Leave this blank to display all within the category (could be a long list).