Borders and Colors

These options are found by clicking on Appearance, then WP-Drudge options, then the Borders and Colors tab.

Where the template asks for a color hex code, make sure to use a valid 6-digit color HEX code (values can be found here) or use the built-in color picker.

  1. Background color [removed in v2.3] – background colors and images can now be managed at Appearance > Background. More information on this feature can be found here.
  2. Content wrapper color – color hex code to give the content area background a color
  3. Top navigation background – color hex code for the menu item background. This is used for both the category listing in the header and the main navigation menu
  4. Top navigation link color – color hex code for the color of the header navigation link text
  5. Header color – color hex code to change the heading text color on the homepage and in sidebars
  6. Link color – color hex code to give all the link text on the site a  color; this is over-written by individual link colors for the posted links, if one is set (see Adding Posted Link for more information)
  7. Visited link color – color hex code to give all visited link text on the site a standard color. Visited links are links that a user has been to already and will be different for each user. If no value is given here, visited links will stay the same color as new links
  8. Text color – color hex code for all the text that is not a link or a header
  9. Vertical border for columns – Select the border type for the columns themselves. Please note that these borders go on the right side of the left column and the middle column(s) so if the content in the right column extends past the middle, the border will not continue.
  10. Horizontal border for widgets – Select the shade for the horizontal border beneath each widget on the site
  11. Horizontal borders for links – Select the border type for the links on the site. This is just the style of the border, not whether the border will appear or not. To make the border appear, select “yes” for the “Border” custom field for the individual posted link (see Adding Posted Link for more information) or select the checkbox below to show borders on all Posted Links
  12. Add border to all posted links – Should all posted links have a border beneath them? This overrides individual link settings, which means that a checkbox here will create a border beneath all Posted Links, whether the box on the link itself is checked or not
  13. Add border to all static links – Should all static links have a border beneath them?


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