WP-Drudge version 2.4 – features, fixes, and changes

If you’re on the newsletter list, you would have received a notice that version 2.4 of WP-Drudge would be released some time in October. Here we are a month past that announcement and no new version. Hopefully you’ll forgive me as it’s coming out tomorrow, I promise! As promised in that email announcement, the development cycle for this theme is tightening up and I’m committed to adding new features at least once per quarter along with any bug fixes that crop up (what’s coming).

So, what changed on this version?

Top link limit setting

I was asked by a few people to add a limit to the number of links in the Top Links section to limit the number of posted links being shown there. This limit is now available on the Header tab of the WP-Drudge Options page.

Removed contact form page template and widget

Contact forms are notorious sources of spam and security concerns. The contact form in WP-Drudge existed to just send an email from a widget or a page and worked fine but was tough to keep up-to-date. In parallel, I developed a plugin for contact forms. In the release, I dropped the page template that displays a contact form as well as the contact widget. If you were using this before and need a replacement, the recently updated PROPER Contact Form plugin can display a contact form as well as a widget to replace what we removed. Just add the proper_contact_form shortcode to your contact page and create a PROPER Contact Widget in the same place as before and you’ll be back to normal.

Text tab on the options page

This was added based on the requests to internationalize the theme better. You can now control all the static text in the theme using text fields on the Text tab of the WP-Drudge Options page.

Show thumb in the edit post listing

Posts with a featured image will show a thumbnail of that image on the Post listing page (Posts in wp-admin).

Better sanitization and escaping

WordPress dev speak for “better overall security.”

Source domain in headline

This was a great feature request I finally put in place. Just check the “Show source domain in link text” box on the Other tab of the WP-Drudge Options page to display the outbound link’s domain in the link text within Posted Link widgets.

Blog page template added

Just a simple page template to display all posts in chronological order.

Removed settings global variable across the theme

If you’re using a plugin or child theme, replace your global $wpd_options variable with the wpd_get_key function.

Output CSS directly on the page instead of in a new sheet

Instead of loading a dynamic CSS sheet, I’m outputting the CSS directly on the page to improve page load speeds.

Changed settings storage architecture

I moved all setting declarations from the CSV data into hard-coded PHP for performance and security reasons. I also changed the settings array architecture a bit so any functions using the ‘wpd_theme_settings’ filter will need to follow the new settings array format. This will only affect you if you’re using a child theme or a plugin to add new settings tabs and fields. Here is the new format:

'setting_id' => array(
'name' => 'Setting title',
'desc' => 'Setting description',
'type' => 'text',
'default' => '',
'options' => '',
'category' => 'Header Name',
'category-slug' => 'header-name'

Moving widget includes and functionality to /inc/widget-master.php

Just a theme architecture change to assist in future development.

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