Tracking Link Clicks with WP-Drudge

For WP-Drudge users posting links to sites other than their own, I created a way to track clicks on outbound links and display the number in the wp-admin. This plugins is for version 2.3.2 and higher.

  1. First, download the plugin using the button below
  2. In your wp-admin screen, go to Plugins > Add New and click on the Upload link near the top
  3. Upload the ZIP file you downloaded from above, then click the Activate link when complete

That’s it! The clicks are reported in the column of posts on the Posts page in wp-admin. Activating the plugin turns on the link tracking immediately. If you want to stop, just deactivate the plugin and you’re back to normal.

The plugin works by pointing all outbound links back to your site where they are tracked and then redirect again to the outbound link you added to the post. This makes redirects take a bit more time and do not point directly to the site you linked to.

or view on GitHub