RSS Feeds in WP-Drudge

The WP-Drudge theme has two main built-in feeds and a few secondary ones.

  • The main feed that comes out of WordPress is found by adding ?feed=rss2 at the end of your homepage link (like This feed lists links to the individual posts on your site. If you’re just posting links, this page will simply be the title of the link linked directly to that page along with the headline blurb, if any. If you’re having trouble with FeedBurner or another RSS service, try adding a “/” in between, like
  • The feed that is created by the WP-Drudge template is found by adding ?feed=linkfeed at the end of your homepage link. This feed lists the links that you posted and will point to external pages (unless the post does not have a link attached like a blog post).
  • WordPress also builds feeds for each of your categories automatically. To see these, add &category=curation after the feed address where “curation” is the slug for your category.
    • For the feed pointing to your articles, add ?feed=rss2&category=category-slug to your homepage URL.
    • For the feed of links, use ?feed=linkfeed&category=category-slug to your homepage URL.

For a full list of WordPress feeds available, see the main WordPress feeds article.