Add content in the middle of a link column

The most simple set-up for this template is to have three columns of links with categories for each column. Links that are added end up in the column you indicated and simply move lower and lower as new links are posted at the top. Let’s say you want to break column one in half and stick an ad in the middle.

  1. First, add a WP-Drudge Posted Links widget at the top of the left column.
  2. Enter the number of links you want above the ad into “# of links to show” and leave “offset” at 0.
  3. Config the rest of the options and save it.
  4. Now, add an ad widget (or anything else) below the Posted Links widget. Configure as desired.
  5. Next, add another WP-Drudge Posted Links widget at the bottom. Pick the same category as the widget at the top and uncheck “Show Title.”
  6. Enter the number you used for “# of links to show” in the top widget into the offset field for this new Posted Links widget. You’re telling the system to start that many links later into the list of links.
  7. Save and refresh the site to see how it looks.