Add an auto-refresh to WP-Drudge

HUGE DISCLAIMER: If you are currently running advertisements, your provider could see the code below as gaming the page view system and shut you off. Google AdSense will shut off your account (for good) within a few days if the code below is used.

But, if you’re serving plain image ads or paid per click, then the code below will refresh your page every 5 minutes. Just paste the snippet below into the “Additional footer code” box on the Advanced tab of the WP-Drudge options page:

window.setTimeout('window.location.reload(true)', 300000);

The number, 300000, is the delay in milliseconds. Simple take the number of minutes you’d like the refresh to happen, and multiply by 60, then 1000. 10 minutes would be:

10 * 60 * 1000 = 600000