Posted Links widget

The Posted Link widget displays links added in the Posts section of WordPress. These are your on-site blog posts as well as your curated links posted with an external URL.

  1. Go to wp-admin > Appearance > WidgetsScreenshot 2014-05-01 09.57.44
  2. Drag a “WP-Drudge Posted Links” widget from the left into the column you want it to appear in. This can be tricky at first; don’t let go until a dashed box appears where you want it.
  3. The widget will expand to show a few options. First, enter a title or leave it blank to use the name of the category you select. This title is used here in the widgets interface as well as on the homepage, if desired.
  4. To hide the title on the homepage, un-check the “Show Title” box
  5. Next, select the “Category” you’d like to show links from. You can select “- All Categories -” here to display all the most recent links in all categories. Combine this with the featured link box below to create a list of featured links. Note about All Categories and sticky posts: WordPress ignores sticky posts if you combine them with categories. If you select “All Categories” here, your sticky posts will appear at the top of the list.
  6. For the “Number of links to show” field, enter the maximum number of links you’d like to show in this block. Enter “0” to show all the posted links in this category
  7. For the “offset” field, enter where, in the order links are shown, would you like this link list to begin displaying. For example, setting an offset of “5” would start this display at the 5th link in the order to display. This is useful for adding content in the middle of link blocks.
  8. If you’d just like featured links to display, check the “Only featured posts?” box.
  9. Click Save and the changes will appear on the homepage.
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