Creating the layout with widgets

Now we’re ready to configure the homepage where all the links will appear. The homepage is made up of widgets that are controlled through the admin interface. If you’re familiar with WordPress, these are the blocks that usually make up the sidebar for any particular site.

There are many different ways to get the site to look how you’d like. In the admin menu, click Appearance then Widgets.

You’ll see four different WP-Drudge widgets here but you can use most of the included widgets as well as widgets that are installed with WordPress plugins (please note: there may not be styles included for built-in modules so the display might appear broken in some cases).

For those just getting started: The least you’ll need is a Posted Link widget to see links on your site. Most people also add Static Link widgets to list source sites. You’ll need to add these widgets before the associated content is shown.

WordPress documentation on widgets

Watch a video on how to add links blocks and change the homepage layout