The team at PROPER Web Development, including Josh, the WP-Drudge developer, and his partner-in-crime Jason, is committed to supporting it’s customers through well designed and easy to use themes, plugins, and documentation. We always strive to make the user experience a great one.

In alignment with this vision, we have launched a new support forum for WP-Drudge located at The forum is currently divided into sections to help with navigation:

The support forums are intended to replace our current contact methods, including the comments at the bottom of the documentation pages as well as the contact form. The reason behind this is we believe that good or useful information should be shared as widely as possible, and the forums seemed the best way of accomplishing this.

So please register a new account today! It’s fast, free, and is the best way to get support for the WP-Drudge theme. See instructions below on how to register a new account.

How to register a new account

  1. Begin by visiting the forums at: in a web browser.
  2. Click Register a new account in the sidebar.
  3. Enter a username and a valid E-mail address and click the Register button. WordPress will create a new password and E-mail it to the specified address.
  4. Locate the registration E-mail. Make sure to check the junk mail or spam folders if you do not see the message in the inbox. Make note of the Password.
  5. Return to the forum page in the web browser and click Login in the sidebar.
  6. Enter the Username and Password specified in the registration E-mail and click Log In.

The registration process is now complete. You can customize your profile by clicking your account name in the upper-right corner.

Setting up a custom Gravatar

Gravatars are global avatars, or a custom picture that you can use that is widely recognized and displayed for your account. Once you have a Gravatar image linked to an E-mail address, WordPress will automatically display the Gravatar icon instead of the default, as long as the Rating is appropriate for the blog. This avatar will also appear on all other WordPress sites where you use this email address.

  1. Begin by browsing to Gravatar and sign up for a new account. Note: Make sure to use the same E-mail address you use to login to the Proper Support forum.
  2. Locate the registration email. Again, make sure to check the junk mail or spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox. Once opened, click the included link to activate your Gravatar account.
  3. Once the page has loaded in a browser, enter a username and matching passwords. Don’t forget to check the user agreement checkbox, provided that you agree with Gravatar’s terms of service. Finally, click Signup.
  4. This will re-direct the browser back to the Gravatar home page. Click My Account > Add an Image.
  5. Select a method to upload an image to Gravatar. Once finished, Gravatar will assist in cropping and re-sizing the photo. Once satisfied, click Crop and Finish!
  6. Gravatar will now ask you to select a rating for your picture. Please keep in mind that The Proper Support forums, as well as many other blogs will only show G rated content. Click the appropriate rating to continue.
  7. You will now automatically proceed to the Manage Gravatars screen. Your primary E-mail address should already be highlighted. Click an image on the bottom row to link the account and the image.

It may take a few minutes for your new account to make it’s way through Gravatar’s systems, however in a short while your new custom Gravatar will automatically be displayed in all future posts and replaced on all of your current posts.