New releases are sent to eligible customers via their original purchase address. If you are within the 1 year upgrade period and have not received your upgrade, please check your spam folder. If you aren’t receiving these updates, please contact us with your original purchase email address, transaction ID and the correct email to use using the form here.

Version 2.8.2

Released 2/7/2018

  • Fixed RSS deprecation issue for wp-drudge feeds

Version 2.8.1

Released 9/17/2016

  • Fixed version number issue causing wp-admin update screen to always show an update available
  • Fixed single post redirect not occurring
  • Adjusted static link spacing on "tight" setting
  • Updated mobile user agent check
  • Minor refactoring and code comments
  • Deleting unused CSS and LESS files

Version 2.8.0

Released 9/3/2016

New Stuff
  • Added a button to scan the URL in the Outbound Link field and pull title, description, image, and embed URL right on the edit page before publishing (explained here)
  • Added process to save image URLs directly to your site
  • Ability to add links and meta data via shortcode
  • Updated the social network icons in the Subscribe widget and added several new networks
  • Added separate video size controls on the options page
  • Added author bio on author pages
Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
  • Fixed notices for widget instantiation (no functionality changes)
  • Fixed Pinterest icon
  • Fixed RSS title issue (related to a filter added previously to fix a duplicate title bug)
  • Added [url] and [domain] to outbound link text on single page
  • Output "No posts" text for Posted Link widgets set to an empty category
  • Added is_home() check to featured link output to display when main Drudge page is display as the posts listing
  • Fixed wpd_is_link_external() to account for click tracking links
  • Changes "Images" options tab to "Media"
  • Styling changes on the Options page
  • Changed post meta text field to a textarea for easier use
  • Added blurb to search results
  • Added sanitization to additional link saving
Developer Stuff
  • Added inc/theme-data-filters.php and consolidated all add_filter() calls here
  • Removed enable_post_format_ui filter to turn of post formats (does this by default now)
  • Removed wpdrudge_title_filter() on wp_title (this was not doing much of anything after a recent title tag change in WP core)
  • Added theme support for title-tag (this should not have much of an effect on your site whether you are using SEO plugins or not)
  • Removed function_exists() check for wpdrudge_hook_wp_head(); if this needs to be changes, unlink the function from the filter and re-write your own
  • Removed post type array from add_theme_support() call in wpdrudge_setup, added add_post_type_support() lines for post and wpdrudge_ad in wpdrudge_init
  • Added theme-data-lookup.php and moved in all lookup functions
  • Added simple version checking function wpd_is_wp_version_gte()
  • Adjusted wpdrudge_options_link_cat() and wpdrudge_options_post_cat() to check for WP version and use the correct parameters
  • Added wpdrudge_get_option_terms() to theme-data-lookup.php to pull terms to use in a select list; refactored out any get_terms() usage that fit this function
  • Changed wpdrudge_output_options() to add checking for $categories param (allows a $key => $val array or WP_Term object) and an $echo option to return or echo
  • Updated wpdrudge_widget_output_fields() to allow blank default field
  • Heavily refactored drudge_column_subscribe_widget() for ease of adding networks later
  • Auto-save defaults early if options array is empty

Version 2.7.2

Released 6/2/2015

  • Fixed image links opening in the same tab
  • Minor styling fix on single post pages
  • Fixed required URL on posted link edit page
  • Fixed missing videos on single post page

Version 2.7.1

Released 4/22/2015

  • Added location and ad type columns to WPD Ads listing page
  • Added 404 title text to Text options
  • Added option to redirect posted links to the homepage
  • Added wpd_image filter for images on posted links
  • Added wpd_link_insert filter
  • Added source domain, nofollow, and new tab behavior to additional links and "go to" link on single post page
  • Moved post meta setting to Text tab on the Options page
  • Moved "Add New" checkbox up and changed the styling
  • Fixed styling for front-end search form
  • Fixed missing borders on some homepages and archive pages
  • Fixed issue with language files being loaded incorrectly on IIS servers
  • Fixed potential issue with Google News headline widget
  • Fixed potential issue with default content filter (used for the Press This Reloaded plugin but might conflict with other plugins that use this filter)

Version 2.7

Released 2/16/2015

Note to existing users: If you purchased in January of 2014 or later, you will receive an API key and download instructions to your original purchase email. If you did not receive this email and you're sure you purchased in 2014 or 2015, follow these instructions:
  1. Go to the "My Account" page on
  2. Use your original purchase email to log in. If you've posted on the Support forums, then this will be the same login. If not, one was created for you and you'll need to use the lost password process to gain access
  3. Once you're logged in, you should see a link to download the new version in the "My API Downloads" table and an associated API key in the "My API Keys" table
  4. Download the theme and follow the usual upgrade instructions
  5. Once you've upgraded, go to Settings > WP-Drudge License and input your key and email address
  6. If you have any problems with these steps, contact me with where you got stuck
Fixes and additions are:
  • Internationalization - complete translation function coverage, localized dates
  • Additional links can now be added to posted links that will follow the headline through the columns
  • Advertising - new UI, responsive ads support, new widget system to allow unlimited widget groups, renamed file, refactored
  • Added a feature to allow 1-click updates in wp-admin for users with a valid API key (note to current users: you should have received an API key to your original email address, please contact me if not)
  • Mobile styling improvements on all pages, including the mobile page template
  • WP-Drudge page templates now allow column number selection
  • Archive pages - added a column number setting on the options page, fixed featured story appearing incorrectly, refactored
  • Refactored main styling, fixed a number of display bugs for all display types
  • Improved performance through no_found_rows and query caching
  • Added an option to format the post data that appears on single posts, including category and tag links
  • Comments - removing Facebook comment setting and hiding comment form correctly; see the release post for more information, "New options" section
  • Added a setting to auto-redirect single pages that have an outbound link
  • Fixed RSS widget problem with some URLs

Version 2.6

Released 10/24/2014

Site Admins
  • Added the "Add Posted Link" to wp-admin nav; settings on WP-Drudge Options > Post UI; UI controlled by whether there is an outbound link or not
  • Removed the option to hide the post editor and custom fields (custom fields should be hidden using the Screen Options tab on individual edit pages)
  • Complete CSS audit for tight, medium, and loose; changes should be minor improvements, if any; including an option to use the previous CSS under WP-Drudge Options > Advanced
  • Added CSS and support for drop-down menus in the site-top and header menus
  • Fixed HTML comment showing the theme version
  • Spacing setting can now be tested by appending ?wpd_spacing=tight or ?wpd_spacing=spacious to any URL
  • Added italic styling option for individual links
  • Added translation function to all WP-Drudge meta fields
  • Improved the blog page template with controls for post category, number of posts to display, and sidebar to use
  • Fixed the bug that was hiding setting descriptions for text area fields
  • Added text settings for next and previous links on post lists
  • Added the ability to change the number of columns being displayed on the home page; can choose from 1, 2,3, and 4 columns; this setting affects WP-Drudge page templates but not archive pages (still use 3-column but will update with the next version)
  • Changed how the featured items are output to avoid these appearing on incorrect pages (like bbPress and BuddyPress pages)
Site Developers
  • Template files changed: archive.php, footer.php, header.php, index.php, search.php, single.php, template-page-blog.php
  • Changed Less files to Sass (old Less files are still in the theme package until the next release)
  • Moved css/admin.css to admin/css/admin.css
  • Moved js/admin.js to admin/js/admin.js; light refactor
  • Added wpdrudge_display_post_navigation() to handle next/pervious links
  • Combined tight and loose spacing into the main CSS sheet
  • Started replacing global $wpd_options in style.php with wpd_get_key
  • Changed depth of footer menu to allow all depths as non-hierarchical
  • Added /inc/legacy-functions.php to deprecate a few unused and renamed functions (wpd_pass_metas and wpd_new_metas for now)
  • Moved "below" featured display outside of #main-content/.main-content
  • Added wpd_title_text_raw filter for the title text without markup
  • Blurb does not output <div class="the-content link-content"> if there is no blurb
  • Added system to allow for custom meta fields on pages; can be limited by page template
  • Removed 'name' index from meta arrays in favor of using the existing array key with the same value
  • Changed some sidebar names; need to call sidebars by their ID which has not changed
  • Adding default widget classes to register_sidebar functions
  • Refactored search.php to display better and some WP-Drudge posted link settings
  • Moved wpd_hook_single_post_top in single.php
  • Moved the main header (title) to side above the content and sidebar

Version 2.5.1

Released 8/2/2014

  • Added archive page titles to the Text tab of the options page
  • Archive sidebar now displays on the archive pages when single-list view is selected
  • Posted Link widget now displays nothing when there are no posts in the category selected
  • Added an $instance parameter to the wpd_hook_before_posted_link_widget action in the Posted Link widget
  • Fixed incorrect default query and pagination format in wpd_paginate()

Version 2.5

Released 7/7/2014

  • Settings page verbiage changes
  • More granular ajax handling
  • Core category widget styling
  • Fixing mobile auto-redirect
  • Improving mobile styles
  • Spacious and tight styling fixes
  • Restructuring list view for archive pages to put the thumbnail on the left.
  • CSS tweaks for alignleft/right, subscribe widget imgs, fix for incorrect border handling
  • Fixing last-link no border and double-border issue
  • Fixing bug with bulk edit removing featured status
  • Making post title required to avoid not saving a post without a title when 'add new' is selected
  • Fixing auto-video output size
  • Fixing mobile prompt banner display for sites that automatically redirect mobile users.
  • Minor style tweaks for Gnews widget, comment form url field
  • Updated user agents in mobile.php
  • Default settings saved for first activation
  • Minor clean-up and refactoring in Advertising module
  • Added new meta field and get_drudge_metas statements to auto-output embeddable videos
  • Adding functionality to load more posts at the end of a Posted Link widget using AJAX
  • Moved options array out of the settings object and into its own function, wpdrudge_get_options_array
  • Added default value functionality to wpd_get_key, refactored to catch !isset cases
  • Refactored Posted Link widget for new format, better sanitization, escaping
  • Adjusting admin.css for select widget fields
  • Added wpdrudge_options_link_cat to helper.php to pull link categories
  • Added options callback ability to widget-master.php, escaping, bug squashing
  • Refactored static links widget to follow new widget format, improved input sanitization, output escaping
  • Fixed random ordering bug in Static Link widgets
  • Added wpdrudge_help_link to put help links in a standard way
  • Added widget_field attribute to all widgets below, adjusted sanitization, added escaping, and general cleanup
  • Adding wpdrudge_widget_output_fields to inc/widget-master.php to standardize widget field output
  • Refactored Google News widget to remove blurb display option (broken output and a bug was preventing it before)
  • Refectored ad widget to accept new widget field output
  • Refactored subscribe widget for better sanitization of urls on save, cleaner output code, escaping, default URL of linkfeed
  • Refactored feed widget for better sanitization on save
  • Limiting WP-Drudge page templates to 50 and mobile pages to 20
  • Changed the postmeta saving process in meta.php to check the current global color and not save/delete if the value being saved is the same
  • Changed the output in essentials.php to ignore colors that match the current global color setting.
  • Added a check in the init hook to look for old versions of WP-Drudge and correcting the link color issue in the database
  • Refactored and updated wp-drudge-feed.php with newest template in wp-includes, changed description and content:encoded logic
  • Refactoring the functions.php and admin-functions.php to conform to WP standards and improve overall theme architecture.
  • Switched file includes to requires
  • Removed support for < 3.4 for header and background UI
  • More specific CSS for body content editor removal
  • Removed old color picker images
  • Increasing fixed width to 980px
  • Changing settings page capability to manage_options
  • Added settings output filter to style.php, changing settings filter name
  • Fixing domain name HTML in image alt tab for posted link widget
  • Created a wpdrudge_display_posted_link() function that can be overridden in a child theme or plugin
  • Fixed the font stack function to return the original font name if no stack is found

Version 2.4.1

Released 2/2/2014

  • Added: filter for image size
  • Added: excerpt length for Feed and Google News widgets
  • Fixed: 'Add new after publishing' limited to posts only
  • Fixed: single page image size not working properly
  • Fixed: missing latest post on the home page

Version 2.4

Released 11/16/2013

  • Top link limit setting ('Top link limit' on the Header tab of the Options page)
  • Removed contact form page template and widget (replace with PROPER Contact Form plugin)
  • Text tab on the options page
  • Show thumb in the edit post listing
  • Better sanitization and escaping
  • Source domain in headline ('Show source domain in link text' on the Other tab)
  • Blog page template added
  • Removed settings global variable across the theme
  • Output CSS directly on the page instead of in a new sheet
  • Changed settings storage architecture

Version 2.3.3

Released 6/15/2013

  • Fixed problem with losing the Outbound Link when editing a post
  • Fixed the 'Add new after publishing' feature
  • Fixed the Google News widget keywords field to allow for quotes in the keyword
  • Fixed the nested comment reply form

Version 2.3.2

Released 2/23/2013

  • New WordPress color picker integrated in the back end on settings and post pages
  • New settings handling, including a filter to add new ones using a plugin
  • Adding back the comment number on post comment links
  • Ability to add a new link right after publishing a previous one
  • Added the WP-Drudge Options page to the admin bar drop-down
  • Modified core CSS and handling - moved to Less for core files, stopped minification on the fly, fixed a few small bugs
  • Fixed links from mobile prompt banner building circular references

Version 2.3.1

Released 1/19/2013

  • Fixed blurb and body handing on all archive pages
  • Fixed RSS and Google News title characters
  • Added back WordPress Link Manager (removed in WP 3.5)
  • Slight changes to 'tight' spacing styles
  • Contact widget fixes

Version 2.3

Released 11/12/2012

  • Add special featured links on the top left
  • Ability to add image credits/caption
  • More hooks and filters for theme and plugin developers
  • Post date display option on link lists
  • Ability to change the number of featured items shown
  • 'Featured' flag added to quick edit
  • More web safe fonts to choose from
  • URL and featured indicator on the All Posts page
  • Logo/header and background image upload ability
  • Add an HTML editor to the Headline Blurb box
  • Add pagination for single posts
  • Added threaded comments
  • Improved page load speed for link listing pages
  • Fixed: Google News widget character encoding issue
  • Fixed: featured image size problem

Version 2.2.2

Released 7/5/2012

  • Fixed: ads not appearing on the mobile template
  • Fixed: broken links to on-site content from the sidebar on post pages
  • Fixed: paged posts not appearing correctly
  • Added: ability to override the content shown on link listing and post page per post
  • Added: populate the Outbound Link field when using Press This Reloaded

Version 2.2.1

Released 6/1/2012

  • Added an option to turn off responsive CSS for small screens
  • Fixed the oversized banner image bug on the mobile template
  • Added a color picker pop-up to the single post pages
  • Added an ad location to the top of the mobile template
  • Added new embed code for Facebook comments to work with iOS
  • Minor CSS changes to improve mobile experience

Version 2.2

Released 5/16/2012

  • Added mobile page template to create a single-column mobile-friendly layout
  • Made several HTML and CSS changes to make the entire site more mobile friendly, including responsive CSS for main pages, smaller overall page size, and better meta tags
  • Added 'Mobile' options tab to the WP-Drudge options page
  • Added color selectors to the WP-Drudge options page
  • Fixed minor font issues for 'Courier New' and Palatino Linotype selections
  • Slight width change for triple columns to fill the entire width
  • Posts that were sticky would show up as second posts in the featured area. This was not intended and has been fixed
  • Improved contact page template and widget, including a complete re-write to help control spam and fix a few bugs
  • Fixed the problem with featured stories showing on individual posts and search results
  • Change how featured posts are shown on category and tag pages
  • Added an option to show or hide featured posts on the date archive pages
  • Fixed the problem with 'Go to article' showing up on posts without a link
  • Added a category ID class to all posted and static link widgets to assist with styling
  • Added ID names to all widgets
  • Fixed the date archive header display

Version 2.1.2

Released 2/21/2012

Added a page template to create new WP-Drudge pages
Added hooks directly before and after the 3 columns on the home page and WP-Drudge page templates, 'wpd_hook_before_content' and 'wpd_hook_after_content'
Fixed performance issue for remote images
Fixed problem with 'opening in new window' not working for the RSS Feed Widget
Fixed various PHP warnings and notices
Fixed tagline disappearing on various pages
Removed comment count from comments link

Version 2.1.1

Released 2/3/2012

Google News feed link issue
Improved RSS feed template
Suppressed imagesize function error

Version 2.1

Released 1/27/2012

Built-in WP-Drudge RSS Feed widget
'Featured' option for Posted Link widget
Added 'all' option to category drop-down in the Posted Link widget
Nofollow option for external links
Facebook comments option
Drastically improved administration page
Thumbnail support for images (retaining the existing image URL field as well)
Added sub-categories to header category listing
Built-in contact page and widget
Make improvements to Google News widget
Added feed widget caching
Spacing options - tight, regular, loose
Static links widget now respects 'open in new tab' option
Replaced Google Buzz with Google Plus in the Subscribe widget
Changed 'go to article' link styles
Help links in helpful places
Fixed minor styling and HTML issues throughout the site
Corrected problem with individual links losing bottom border
Fixed spacing on the core WP category widget
Eliminate potential CSV library namespace conflict

Version 2

Released 10/15/2011

Built-in advertising manager
Option to use home page right column on entire site
Google News widget
Implemented core WordPress comment form with additional styles
Ability to add HTML code to the footer and header files
Ability to link category headers to their aggregation page
Improved SEO structure
Slight spacing changes

Version 1.2.3

Released 7/6/2011

Comment field display issue fixed
Added new configuration options for body & blurb text usage
Added new configuration field for navigation link color
Changed 'Link font' option to control font for the whole site (now called 'Global font'
Changed 'Page and post' text color to control the color for the whole site (now called 'Text color')
Rearranged options page and added top navigation links
Removed the screen.css file and put all system CSS in the style.php file
Changed to HTML 5 format
Fixed a bug with the subscribe widget ignoring the 'open links in new tab' setting

Version 1.2.1

Released 6/10/2011

Featured post not appearing for some configurations

Version 1.2

Released 6/6/2011

Added category and archive page styles
Add single post meta and image options
Featured post formatting and location changes
Moved to array storage for settings
Single post page bug with 'go' link
Added image size settings
Added archive and post page sidebars

Version 1.0.2

Released 3/9/2011

Version 1.0.1

Released 1/31/2011

Version 1

Released 1/21/2011