These options are found by clicking on Appearance, then WP-Drudge options, then the Mobile tab.

These options control some of the site behavior for all users, but specifically ones with mobile phones. It also changes how the mobile page template functions.┬áThe mobile site prompt or banner is a thin, grey bar that will appear at the top of your site, depending on the options detailed below. Important note: the mobile banner will not display unless there is a URL in the “Mobile link to use” field.

  1. Mobile link to use: The direct URL to your main mobile page template created using these steps or a third-party site. Leaving this blank will deactivate the banner.
  2. Mobile user agent: This dictates what happens when a user with a mobile user agent (meaning that they are using a device that is sending a signal that it is a mobile device, like a phone) uses the site. The “do nothing” option is the default and just means that these users get no special treatment. If “prompt for mobile site” is selected, all potential mobiles will see the mobile site banner. If “automatic redirect” is selected, mobile users will automatically be redirected to the mobile site without the banner
  3. Small screens prompt: This will display the mobile site prompt at the top of the site for users with a small screen size. This is often used as the queue for whether someone is on a mobile device or not
  4. All users prompt display: This will display the mobile prompt for all users. This overrides settings used above
  5. Hide images: Checking this box will remove images from the mobile page templates, improving load times for mobile users. This is the default and is recommended
  6. Show featured: Checking this box will display the featured article at the top of the mobile page
  7. Use responsive CSS on the regular site: Responsive CSS figures out how large the user’s screen is and then styles the page differently. By default, this will change the display of all site pages for users with small screens.
  8. Use responsive ads: This setting is combined with the “Use responsive CSS” setting above to swap out ads based on screen size. See the Mobile docs section for more details

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