WP-Drudge Page Template

As of version 2.1.2, you can add additional pages that can be managed just like the homepage.

  1. First, create a page by going to Pages, then Add New in the WordPress admin.
  2. The title added here will be printed at the top of the page
  3. The content here will also be printed on the page, below the title and above the column content
  4. On the right, under “Page Attributes,” look for the “Template” drop-down. Select “WP-Drudge page”
  5. Click the blue Publish button on the top right
  6. [v2.7 and above]¬†Once the page template has been saved for this page, you’ll see a “Number of columns”drop-down appear in the WP-Drudge fields box below the post editor to let you select how many columns this page uses
  7. Now, go to Appearance > Widgets and you should see 3 new columns for that page. These work just like the homepage columns, more information here.