Blog Listing Page Template

The blog page template allows you to list posts and/or Posted Links on a separate page, creating the ability to build specific archive pages.

To add a blog listing page:

  1. First, create a page by going to Pages, then Add New in the WordPress admin.
  2. The title added here will be printed at the top of the page
  3. The content here will also be printed on the page, below the title and above the post listing
  4. On the right, under “Page Attributes,” look for the “Template” drop-down. Select “Blog listing”
  5. In the “Publish” box on the top-right, click Save Draft
  6. A “WP-Drudge Fields” box will appear below the post editor with options for this page
    1. For “Post category to use,” select the post category to be displayed on this page. You can set a specific post category for your on-site posts and use that here to aggregate all of your original content.
    2. For “Number of posts to display,” input the number of posts you want to appear on each page; if there are more posts to see, a link to the next page will appear automatically.
    3. For “Sidebar to use,” select one of the sidebars being used on the site or “No sidebar” to omit widgets on this page.
  7. Click the blue Publish button on the top right when the page is ready.

Like the other pages on the site, you can link to this page using a widget, a menu item, or within post/page content.