Adding advertising to the site

The WP-Drudge theme includes a simple and easy-to-use advertising manager to help you manage and place ads on your site.

  1. To add an ad, click on the WPD Ads link in the WordPress admin menu
  2. Click Add a new Ad in the menu or at the top of the page
  3. First, enter the name of this ad; this text will not be seen by users, only site administrators
  4. There are two types of ads you can use: code snippets or a linked image. A code snippet is HTML code that can come from an advertising provider like AdWords or a management software like OpenX. A linked image is simply a banner image that, when clicked, goes to a particular page. Select your “Advertisement type” to activate the necessary blocks on this page.
    • To add a code snippet, simply paste it into the “Advertisement code” text box that appears.
    • To add a linked image:
      1. In the “Link for banner image” field, paste or type the direct URL (like “”) you’d like people to go to when they click the image
      2. Now, look for “Banner image” on the right side of the edit page. Follow the steps here to set a Featured Image for this ad; this will become the advertisement image
  5. Now, select a “Location” for this ad. Note that if two ads are added to the same location, they will be rotated randomly.
    • “Site top” will display ads at the top of the page
    • “Site top – mobile” will display in the same place for visitors with small screens if mobile advertising is turned on (details here on step 5) and at the top of the mobile template page
    • “Above content” will display ads below the menus and featured story but above your columns of links
    • “Above content – mobile” is the swapped mobile version of the same and in the same place on the mobile template
    • “Site bottom” will display this ad, predictably, below everything
    • “Site bottom – mobile” is the swapped mobile version of the same and in the same place on the mobile template
    • “Widget” allows you to enter a location name that can then be selected from widget advertisements. Your previously used locations will appear below for re-use
  6. Now, just click Publish on the top right. For ads added to a Widget location, you’ll need to create and position the Ad Widget. For the other locations, the ad will be live
  7. To stop displaying an add but keep it in the system, click “edit” next to Status at the top right and change it to “Draft.” Click Update to save.