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– like a pro!

Buy Now → WP-Drudge is a Drudge Report style (no affiliation) WordPress website template that makes it easy to post links, videos, and your own blog posts. Add images, display featured content, and insert ads easily. With many different configuration options, you can make your website look just how you want. Add colors, change fonts, and choose the layout that works for your project.

Join hundreds of people who are using WP-Drudge to easily create, maintain, and promote their own news curation sites!

We offer two different licenses to meet your needs. We also offer custom solutions; contact us for more info. Please note that this needs to be installed on a self-hosted WordPress instance; custom themes cannot be installed on free WordPress.com accounts.

Single Site License

for one domain

5 Site License

for five domains
$89 Buy Now → $299 Buy Now →

“I really don’t think you can make it a whole lot easier than it already is :) Thanks so much for what you do … you are the best!!” (Caroline from the Daily Mom Report)

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— WP-Drudge Features —

The WP-Drudge template uses WordPress, the most popular and easy-to-use content management system, to help you be more efficient at aggregating and curating content in your niche. We’ve spent
over 3 years refining how links, videos, and images are posted and came up with a set of features and functions to make this process easier.

“WP-Drudge is awesome. By the time I’m done with my site, it will be exactly what I have wanted for a long time. Although I am learning WordPress and PHP etc, I could not have created what I want without WP-Drudge. So, thanks!”more

Completely configurable mobile experience

Build your own WP-Drudge mobile site using widgets just like the homepage! Add specific ads, content, and feeds just for mobile users and configure it all to your liking. You can auto-redirect, sniff out mobile browsers, target small screens, even make multiple mobile pages (even the homepage).

Font, color, and layout changes

The WP-Drudge website template has 8 different color settings, font and size settings for multiple elements on the page, and width settings so you can get it just right. Adjust borders, change link behavior, and get the template set exactly how you want it. We’re adding new customization options all the time so if it’s not there yet, just ask!

Built for SEO

A one-page link site might be tough to rank in search engines but we did everything possible to help. Appropriate page titles are generated, correct mark-up is used, and additional pages can be created, boosting your ability to rank well. Add a plugin, like All-in-One SEO, and you’re golden.

“Our biggest shout out comes from our #1 Google ranking under our industry preferred search terms. Being #1 in Google is not too bad and we give WP-Drudge the credit for building a functional and easy to use SEO site.”

RSS and Google News Feed Display

The WP-Drudge template has two built-in RSS feed widgets. You can add multiple RSS or Atom feeds anywhere you’d like on the homepage or post pages. You can also add a feed of Google News links by simply entering a keyword or phrase. The theme can be combined with the WP RSS Aggregator plugin to easily import feed items as posts on your site.

Built-in Advertising placement

Display advertising is a big part of DrudgeReport.com’s financial success. The WP-Drudge WordPress template has a custom, built-in advertising manager that makes it easy to add image banners or advertising code. Random ad rotation, multiple placement options, and a simple management interface makes adding advertisements a breeze.

“I LOVE this template – – and I am so impressed and happy to see you constantly updating it and asking for feedback…”

Post anything – videos, images, links, and more

Use the built-in blurb field to add short summaries or post any content you’d like using the main post body editor. You can add images and videos directly to the listing or to individual posts. Create your own posts on the site and mix them with external links or post all of one kind. The WP-Drudge news aggregation template makes it easy to create the page you need.

Drag-and-drop page customization

WP-Drudge uses the core WordPress drag-and-drop to make reorganizing your pages simple. Drag in new widgets and reorganize existing ones quickly. You can also use all the existing WordPress widgets, as well as any you’d like to install.


Allow your subscribers, users, and readers to post comments on any link or post you create using the native WordPress commenting engine. Auto-approve comments or hold on to them for moderation, quickly reply to comments, and even create a feed of new comments for engaged readers.

“I would like to say that I’m 62 years of age, and I can get around this theme without a hitch. Been doing this a long time, but I will say you’re doing a lot of things right. I have beta tested lots of WP scripts, and I am impressed with your work.”

We’re planning on adding several features in the coming months. The full list is here. Purchasing this template gives you access to upgrades for one year.

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— WP-Drudge Pricing —

We offer two different licenses to meet your needs. We also offer custom solutions; contact us for more info. Please note that this needs to be installed on a self-hosted WordPress instance; custom themes cannot be installed on free WordPress.com accounts.

Single Site License

for one domain

5 Site License

for five domains
Complete template with all features Complete template with all features
Single domain license (for use on one domain) Unlimited domain license
Free upgrades for one year (self-installed) Free upgrades for one year (self-installed)
Self-installed and configured Self-installed and configured
starting at $89 Buy Now →

“If you’re thinking of buying WP-Drudge, then stop thinking and just do it! You’ll be glad that you did.” – Tony more

— Are you still just making content? Who isn’t? —

Take 10 minutes to research what you think is a specific topic. Go ahead, we’ll be here. Don’t just stop at Google, by the way, look on Twitter and LinkedIn and don’t forget Posterous and Tumblr. Oh and Flickr too, lots of pictures there. And videos of course so don’t forget YouTube and Vimeo.


Creating content online has become a due diligence activity: everyone is doing it. If you’re a business without some kind of content online then you might as well be dead in the water. The problem is,
that’s no longer enough.

WordPress claims over 15 million hosted blogs and over 17 million self-hosted installations (the latest version has been downloaded over 7.5 million times). There are almost 30 million Tumblr accounts with over 10 billion posts between them. The numbers go on and on but they only mean one thing…

There is more content out there than we need.

Between posts and articles and videos and music there’s more information online than we could possibly comprehend, let alone consume. Even when you break it down to niche topics, there is still a major overload.

But is the problem overload or something else?

Clay Shirky is a brilliant thinker on the web and he says that the problem is less about information overload and more about filter failure (video). If we could filter the information coming in just right, we’d never know how much was out there.

So what to do with all of this content? Aggregate, filter, and curate!

Add value & become an influencer by aggregating & curating.

If you represent a particular niche or industry, you are in a great position to take the content that’s out there and inject your own value by becoming a content curator or news aggregator. Now more than ever, we need people to filter and share the best of what’s out there.

And the WP-Drudge curation and aggregation template for WordPress makes that easier than anything out there!

“Overall, I’m very satisfied with your product … Love it! Not sure you could make it much better … Thanks for the awesome support!”

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— WP-Drudge Examples —

There are over 300 different websites using the WP-Drudge WordPress template. With the thousands of different configuration options, it’s hard to show all the different ways this template can look. So, instead of trying, I left it to WP-Drudge users themselves.

Below, find a few words from existing users along with their sites. Below that, there are a few screenshots showing a few more ways this versatile template can be configured. You can also view the WP-Drudge demo site or the WP-Drudge registry.

“Finding WP-Drudge was a lifesaver for us, as we needed an effective way aggregate vital news in vital segments. The theme is easy to use and well-documented. It definitely took the sting out of trying to get another theme to look and act the way it does on both the front and back ends. We now have an award winning look and functionality!”
— RC Williams, Julianna Ormond & Wes Westfall, HubOnomics Report, Black Market Report

“WP-Drudge has been a huge success for www.HealthClubNews.org We have seen our traffic increase significantly since switching to this theme. Our readers have told us time and time again how efficient and clean the site is to maneuver around and easily locate the stories that most interest them. Another highlight of this theme is, it’s not over cluttered, as many themes are, and the direct focus is targeted towards the news stories themselves. Health Club News highly recommends this site for anyone looking to Curate, Aggregate, Post, and Filter like a pro! Our biggest shout out comes from our #1 Google ranking under our industry preferred search terms. Being #1 in Google is not too bad and we give WP-Drudge the credit for building a functional and easy to use SEO site.”
— John Rogers Health Club News

“WP-Drudge is a fantastic theme for anyone looking to aggregate or curate. When I first had the notion to build an aggregation web site, I searched far and wide for a theme that would make it easy. After trying more than a few, I stumbled upon WP-Drudge. I tried it, then I bought it. It’s one of the few themes I bought. It’s one of the only themes that I bought that is completely worth it. From its ease-of-use to the thorough documentation, WP-Drudge is a joy. It allows me to create the site I want without getting in the way. As if that weren’t enough, the support offered by Josh, the theme’s designer, through the documentation, the support forum, and email is outstanding. If you’re thinking of buying WP-Drudge, then stop thinking and just do it! You’ll be glad that you did.”
Tony Michalski, The Attainer

“I’ve spent hundreds of dollars – Thesis, Headway, Genesis, Dynamic, OptimizerPress, Thrive Themes, on and on – everyone promised simplify and out-of-the-box results. Only you delivered. Every other template requires plug-ins and all kinds of technical savvy … OMG your product is easy to use. Your documentation is amazing. The fact that I could read the documentation before buying and that I don’t have some exotic login every time I need some help sets you apart from every single other WP developer out there!!!!! … Seriously Josh, I got a working website with over 200 posts in a weekend. Even putting ads up was easy – something I expected to be far beyond my technical ability. You even included the CSS to make the headline like Drudge. Everything works and works the first time. Ads rotate, links open, widgets are all there without plug-ins – and they too work. I have almost no technical ability but had a fully working site up in a weekend. I’m still incredulous myself … Great product. Great support.”
Russ Emrick, The MedSales Report

“I struggled for weeks trying to recreate the look and functionality of a world-class content aggregation site to serve the drone community. When I found out about WP-Drudge the scales fell from my eyes. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! You will not be disappointed. Stop trying to be a pro website designer and get this awesome product for your content curation site today”

“WP-Drudge was the exact template I was looking for. I wanted to copy the Drudge Report almost exactly, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it without designing it myself from scratch. After doing a little research, I found what I was looking for in WP-Drudge. In addition to making the template, Josh has also been extremely helpful with any questions or tech support should the need arise. He gets back to you right away. How cool is that? If you’re looking for a similar type of template, you won’t find anything better.”
Parody Report – Satirical News Aggregator

“Your template allowed me to get my idea up and running in very little time. It allowed me to focus more on content then design. Thanks for the great theme!.”

“I love your products. I have ciahole.com running and moving up the google charts.”

“My blog jrmarketingreport.com is beginning to pick up… love the layout/format and the way it’s programmed.”
JR Marketing Report

“WP-Drudge turned out to be exactly what I was looking for! This theme gives me the ability to post content and articles with ease. The organization of everything makes it easy for the viewer to read what I’ve posted. Upon purchasing the WP-Drudge theme, I was amazed at the options–I was essentially allowed to design the look and feel of my site. You have the ability to really make the site your own. Also, the amount of updates that have been released has been a pleasant surprise. It seems that anytime a current WP-Drudge user has an idea of how to improve on the theme, Josh takes action and addresses it in an update… This theme has its own custom mobile site built in that is very customizable. No other theme I have ever owned has this mobile functionality. Additionally, inserting ads to your site is a piece of cake. Aside from the site itself being incredible, the support has been more than I expected. When you contact Josh, he is very quick to respond to your questions, comments or concerns. Currently, I am using WP-Drudge on one of my sites, but plan to use it on others in the future as well. I would highly recommend this theme to anyone!”
—TopTechReport [defunct]

“WP-Drudge is so easy to use and and configure. It loads very quickly, which helps us have more time to source content. The customization options make it easy to quickly personalize your site without having to learn to write code. Josh is always quick to respond when we have questions. He’s great about polling the WP-Drudge users for input on future upgrades, and keeping us informed as to what his latest release will accomplish. His documentation is very user-friendly. We are thrilled to be part of his community and definitely recommend him and the WP-Drudge template to others who want an easy-to-use curator template!”
— The Daily Mom Report [defunct]

I was very excited to find WP-Drudge as it was exactly what I was looking for to start my website and it has not disappointed. The template is extremely easy to use, even if you are not very technically savvy, which I am not! Was able to get my website up and running in no time and Josh is always very accessible and open to answering any questions regarding the template. He is also really open to hearing about new ways to make the template even better and each time he sends out an updated template there are always great new additions, such as the Mobile Template. I would highly recommend WP-Drudge to anyone looking to curate news—great product, great price & great customer service.
— FireandSecurityNews.com [defunct]

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